Theatre wedding - view from the stage

Here is an unusual venue - and an unusual view of the ceremony and the guests! I had the privilege to conduct a wedding onstage at the Young People's Theatre for wonderful couple who work in theatre and entertainment.  We are standing on the stage set for "To Kill a Mockingbird", thus the small town fence and the nice trees.  The wedding was held between performances. We even included a little 'play' written specifically for the couple by another friend as part of the readings.  This was a wonderful experience, especially as my children work in theatre as well, so it was a chance for me to see the 'other' side of the stage!
However, as all weddings are at their very heart, this wedding was otherwise traditional (except for our cues to enter 'stage left', and the bride entering down the theatre aisle, etc.) and we signed the license afterwards in the director's office.   Great pictures by Mike Pochwat Photographer

Theatre Wedding - Vows
Theatre Wedding view of stage
Theatre wedding view of houselights from stage
Signing the Marriage Register
(I think you can rent theatre space at the Young Theatre in the Distillery for weddings, as well as a few other small theatres, and rehearsal spaces as well)