Who am I? Mary Beaty, Humanist Officiant

I am Mary Beaty, a certified Wedding Officiant licensed by the Registrar General of Ontario under the auspices of the Ontario Humanist Society to provide legal marriage services in the Province of Ontario. I am a librarian, Humanist Chaplain at the University of Toronto, a writer, a human rights activist, a grandmother, and former organic and sheep farmer, interested in sustainability, and green issues. 

I have married about 1500 couples since 2004, and I offer simple and meaningful secular (non-religious) Humanist wedding services, including both traditional and modern ceremonies, for couples who wish to design their own weddings. 

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SEND AN [ENQUIRY] FORM HERE - Globe and Mail agrees this is a 'trend'


well, after officiating at 1500 elopements in 20 years, I can agree with this article. (grin)

But there are a few RULES:

1) Tell your mom, if you tell your mom things anyway

2) Tell your best friend and siblings, if you tell them things anyway.

3) You don't need rings or flowers, unless you WANT them.  

4) Dress up, or down, bring along a friend with a guitar, or don't bother.  

5) Don't confuse an elopement with a flashmob wedding.  Find a quiet tree, or your own apartment or a hotel, or a beach, or a backyard.  Find a little peace and privacy for 20 minutes.  THEN go out and take pix all over town if you wish. 

there are zillions of articles on this blog with advice, or just contact me.  MaryBeaty (at)



Micro wedding at the Music Garden

Music Garden micro wedding

 This may look like a typical 'large' wedding, but it's really on seven of us, under the willow tree at the Music Garden.  We streamed family from two countries and entertained some sunbathers, and enjoyed the planes taking off from Billy Bishop in the sunlight. 


Simple Legal Weddings - your wedding, your way

We conduct simple, 'civil' (non-religious, non-denominational, secular) humanist weddings. These ceremonies are similar to those conducted by a 'Justice of the Peace", or a "City Hall wedding". We also conduct 'microweddings', a new name for 'elopements'. Mary is licensed as a Marriage Officiant by the Registrar General of Ontario, and the Ontario Humanist Society  Since 2004, I have married over 1500 couples.  Always happy to chat. 


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What is a 'Micro Wedding' ? (aka PopUp wedding)

Micro wedding is a new term for a small private wedding. Here's a news clip about this 'trend' 
Send us an enquiry here and we'll explain more.

We have conducted 'micro weddings' since 2004.  They are also called 'elopements', 'small civil weddings', 'city hall weddings', 'pop-up weddings', 'house weddings', 'registry weddings', 'family weddings" and lots of other terms, and it basically means the way your great-grandparents were probably married. 

In earlier days, people generally got married at home, in the 'parlour' or outside on the lawn.  You got dressed in the bedroom, and the family and local ladies made the wedding brunch.  

Today's couples often choose a park, the condo party room, someone's balcony, or a quiet corner of a city landmark, or any place you can gather with a small group for a half hour, the same as you would hold a graduation picnic, a birthday party, or just any little celebration. Dress-up is optional!

Feel free to write me with any questions, and I'm happy to make suggestions.

Save the funds you would have spent on the 'big fat' wedding - and go on a travel adventure! 

A few recent micro elopements :)

Micro wedding in my apartment (check the sox!)

Micro wedding in the backyard of my apartment

Popup in the couple's condo