Zombies were not invited to the wedding

We had a lovely wedding at the Arts and Letters Club on Elm Street at the end of October.  But somehow a few thousand zombies also decided to take to Yonge Street on that Saturday.  Photographer Neil Ta got this great picture of the calm couple in the midst of -- the zombie apocalypse.
Zombie March on Yonge Street

Wedding, rehearsal, performance, events spaces in Toronto

Here (courtesy of my theatre children) is a database of performance/ rehearsal/ event spaces in Toronto.  I've listed many of these before in other databases, but this is new, and searchable AND BOOKABLE.  Feel free to send us any other unique spaces you've found. Here are two art galleries, as examples.
Project Gallery
Alison Milne Gallery


Royal Conservatory of Music wedding event space

I just helped a bride find the contact info for event rentals at the Royal Conservatory of Music on Bloor.  It's a lovely space for weddings.  The event contact page is a bit buried in the website, so here is the info:
For more information and to book your event, contact Kristin Campbell at or at 416.408.2824 x500. 


Small private winter weddings - indoor locations

We have a small flurry of winter elopements scheduled, mostly for under a dozen family and friends. We've been outside, in a few restaurants and 'secret' city spots.  But in rainy cold weather, it's good to have an inside option, and one of the best is a HOTEL SUITE.  You can dress up nicely, pour some champagne, take lots of pictures, and everyone has a place to sit down.  You can even order room service for the cupcakes or smoked salmon.  Look on groupon and other sale sites for hotel deals -  Expedia has a deal at the Royal York right now!  You can ask the hotel about their policy of wedding photo permits, but if you are a guest, they should be helpful.  The older hotels often have bigger rooms, the newer boutique hotels are also used to requests for small weddings.  The concierge should be your friend, see what you can arrange with them (room service, even flowers).  Or just book in, call your witnesses, book your officiant, and have a lovely quiet wedding.