Faculty Club, University of Toronto

Faculty Club, Univ of Toronto
I like these pictures - sort of instagramy - it was a totally delightful family wedding - (with lots of kids!)  at the UofT faculty club.  The intrepid couple went to Easter Island for a honeymoon!
Very touching vows

Small little dinner party wedding at Le Select, and a few other smaller venues

So - a dozen people gathered at Le Select on a Tuesday for a small, intimate wedding.  The garden ('jardin') was available, and so we had the canapes, toasts and ceremony in the back, and then they had a dinner in one of the back side rooms.  It's possible to do this during the week, (weekends are often busier) and have a lovely smallish wedding. We were originally going to go over to the island, or somewhere by the water, but the weather has been pretty iffy, and in fact, this was the 34 degree day - so the shade of the canopy over the back jardin was great.  Wonderful evening.

next week - off to the Arts and Letters club, Fantasy Farm, a private wedding in Cabbagetown, Casa Loma in the conservatory, over to the Rectory cafe on Ward's, and another small family wedding upstairs at the Gladstone...  when TIFF is over, lets hope the TTC repairs are swift!

Tiff Elopement!

Here are two wonderful people, who came up north for TIFF, and got married at the Thompson Hotel, in a bit of calm time in the middle of the crazy (Brad Pitt's bodyguards at the pool, George Clooney sneaking in the hotel...).  But the real romance was here - C and B, together 13 years, had a wonderful, intimate Canadian wedding in the Big Smoke.  Lifted us up for whole day.... I don't usually put comments in these snippets, but they wrote to say they're home, and the wedding was 'perfect', and they felt they'd known us for years (my husband was a witness).  We felt the same - and wish them a lifetime of happiness, just like this.