Hart House wedding - back again!

Hart House (rehearsal)

 Here's a rehearsal picture for a lovely Hart House spring wedding. I'll wear higher shoes, but I'm still dwarfed by these handsome guys!  It's nice to be back in the building again, and looking forward to some additional on-campus weddings as the weather improves.


Gerrard Laneway outdoor wedding


Gerrard laneway elopement

During Covid, we sometimes met outside (in this case, outside the restaurant) and held the weddings in small spaces - like the laneway!!  Quick and simple - and quite fun.

King Street condo balcony wedding, a bit cold, but Happy

The sun went behind a cloud, but the couple are pretty happy.  But we had a nice simple civil wedding, despite the chill. All you need is a quiet location, and about 30 minutes, and then perhaps a little champagne!
Balcony wedding King Street