Sabbatical in Rome - and spring weddings in Toronto

Rome! We spent a month in Rome in March.  Here I am on the oldest public road in the city, the "Clivus Publicus" - with rosemary bushes blooming and orange trees in fruit on either side.  We walked all the seven hills (and the 8th, the Janiculum, to visit Anita Garibaldi's statue - baby on her lap, pistol in her other hand!) and on rainy days, spent a lot of time investigating the Roman marriage ritual of "iunctio dextrarum" - clasping right hands in agreement.  It's the same ritual as the "fides" in the Renaissance, a willingness 'in good faith' - fides/fidelity, to share the joys and sorrows of life together.  We came home to snow, and brave crocuses (croci?).  And then, a lovely wedding yesterday, in a Beaches sunroom, and lots of laughter and happiness.

Everyone should go away - resets your hard drive.  Let's see what the year brings in Toronto now - and dream of oranges and rosemary....