Ceremony Checklist


Here is a brief planning list for the elements of the ceremony.  Feel free to discuss all of these elements and send questions.  We can customize your wedding to suit your wishes (including SKYPE guests, children, pets, surprises, etc.)

1.  Marriage License!! 
You must apply in person for your license at any issuing office in Ontario, up to 90 days ahead, and give the license package to the officiant before the wedding, or bring the license and any necessary ID to the ceremony. 

After the ceremony, we will provide you with a letter explaining what to do with the legal documents.  See http://www.ontario.ca/government/get-married-ontario Please ensure you have 2 legal witnesses, over the age of 18, to observe the ceremony and sign the documents.

2.  Music:   
Music is not required. However, you may choose appropriate music for entrances of the wedding party, for the signing and recessional.   

The usual playlist includes music for seating of guests, music for the family’s entrance, then the first partner’s party / entrance, the second partner’s party /entrance.   Also music (or a reading) during the signing, and music for the exit / recessional.  Of course both partners may enter together, you may enter with family/parents, or various other forms of assembly are possible. See #4.

Your entrances may be combined into one song, and all sorts of music variations are possible. 
Please discuss microphone use and musician and dj responsibilities with officiant before the wedding.

3. Seating plan for family:
Please reserve seats at the front for family members, elderly, young children, etc.  That way other guests will know they may come down and sit near the front, once the reserved seats are observed.  Let your family know where they will be sitting, and how you want them to enter and exit.

4.  Processional order for wedding party:
Decide order for entrance, including family, and if couple are seating a parent, grandparent, etc.
Decide First partner’s party + supporters, then Second partner’s party and supporters 

5.  Readings:
Please send the text of any readings to the officiant so we have a backup copy.  In many cases, we will hand the ceremony book to the reader, so they can read from the text, instead of a piece of paper.

6. Vows & Personal Statements, couple's story:
Please send a copy of any personal vows or tributes to the officiant, so we have a backup.

7.  Special ceremonies:
Make sure we have such items as candles, salt, handfasting ribbons, glass to smash,  available at the front (usually on/near the signing table, or held by a guest, witness) and people know if they are participating.  If offering a memorial to family or friends, please send names to officiant in advance, and details of memorial.

8.  Announcements:
We will make announcements near the beginning and end of the ceremony regarding photography, social media, family pictures, reception, flipping or clearing the room,  or anything else to tell the guests between the wedding and reception.  Please send us your announcements so we can incorporate them.