How to 'Register' the legal Paperwork for a separate non-legal wedding ceremony (spiritual, religious or destination wedding)

Many people are planning destination weddings, or they've  been contacting us to 'register' their other wedding, or to 'complete the paperwork' for Ontario.

Remember, a legal wedding requires an actual verbal CEREMONY, not just a 'signing' of documents. FIRST: you must apply for and pick up your LEGAL MARRIAGE LICENSE. Once you have your legal marriage license, you must still hold a short verbal ceremony conducted by a legal officiant properly licensed in Ontario, in front of two witnesses.  The ceremony is brief, and includes statements by both of you that there is no reason you can't be married, and you have to repeat the official government vows to each other. The officiant must 'pronounce' you to be legally married in front of your witnesses.  The 'signing' part comes after this, and is simply recording that this legal ceremony occurred.

A legally licensed officiant will either blend the required legal sections into a traditional ceremony, or conduct this legal part before the other celebration.

After this short ceremony, your licensed officiant will forward your license to the Registrar General to complete the Registration of your change of legal status as a married couple.

Here's our FAQ on this process and the parts of a legal wedding.