Wedding in the wind and water

- in parkas and gloves and long underwear.  And hard to hear in the wind! - but oh, so very happy.  And then hot chocolate, and THEN wine!
Congratulations to everyone,  - you can see the wind on the waves!

House Call weddings - in your apartment!

A quiet morning wedding in a sunny apartment by the lake.  Just the couple, their witnesses, and me - and some yummy cupcakes.  And the cats, who knew something was up.  Best wishes and all happiness to this great (and funny) newly married couple!


Small wedding locations - private dining in Toronto

Private dining in Toronto

Here's a piece from BlogTo - with a few ideas for private dining rooms, where - of course! you can hold a wedding.  You can also book out a small restaurant for your 'private function'. (When talking to a venue, we strongly suggest you simply enquire about a private function/celebration booking before you use the word "wedding" - which may conjure up a bridezilla event). Our restaurant ceremonies are usually quite simple 15 minute functions, followed by a little champagne. You can discuss those logistics once you find out about the booking fees.

We've had weddings in private and semi-private spaces at places like Fuzion, Colborne, Local, La Maquette, Globe Bistro (both locations), Balzacs, Edward Levesques - and on patios at Le Select, Les Provences Delices, Grace, (pix above), Vertical, etc. Sometimes the rest of the place stays open, and your party can ask for the patio or an inside room for a short simple wedding, and then brunch, lunch, or dinner for all.  Suggest you simply wander in to your local bistro/boite, and chat with them - we've sometimes had the 'first' small wedding in a restaurant, and when it goes well, they are happy to experiment with more events.