Rainbow wedding on an urban bridge in Rosedale

Memories of Summer! Just got this great picture from a fun wedding last year - can you guess the location?  It's actually Rosedale Bridge, and the couple entered from each end of the pedestrian bridge and we met in the middle and held the wedding over the valley traffic meandering below.  The ladies carried paper umbrellas, too - it was a delightful rainbow of colour - but it's not a good idea if you are afraid of heights.  Also - of course you have to leave space for the normal pedestrians to cross the bridge, so it makes the wedding party stand in a very straight line!  And there were only a dozen guests.  This was a unique event, because the bridge played a part in the couple's courtship.  If you have a larger group, consider a permit for somewhere nice like the gazebo at St James, or Allan Gardens, or another park-like setting.  But this was fun.
Bride and rainbow on Rosedale Valley Bridge
Rosedale Bridge Wedding