Happy Pride! Lots of weddings!

Happy 2 weekends of weddings - at the Bathurst Community Centre, Allan Gardens, Edwards Gardens, and on some nice backyards and roof decks.  I was already booked during the Pride Parade this year, so my friend Arran is conducting a little informal wedding at the Ontario Humanist Society BOOTH at the PRIDE Parade!  Sounds perfect (and a lot quieter than being up on the float in the parade).  Perhaps he'll send pix.  I was recently asked to help with a Hindu-Secular-Vegan -Non-dairy-Same sex wedding, (wow!) and again, wasn't available, but my colleagues and I worked together to offer advice and help.  Lots of creative couples, with lots of good ideas.  We make sure your wedding follows the LEGAL requirements of the Marriage Act of Ontario, and help with advice on combining rituals and traditions to add your personal touches.  Always feel free to write with questions or ideas....   And here was LAST year's Pride wedding! The one on the float!