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Welcome to ElopeToronto.com! We conduct simple, meaningful, secular (non-religious, non-denominational) humanist marriage ceremonies in Toronto, legally equivalent to a 'civil ceremony' or 'justice of the peace' wedding, for couples looking for an alternative to a 'City Hall' wedding. We also provide simple legal weddings for those planning a destination wedding. Mary is licensed as a Marriage Officiant by the Registrar General of Ontario, and the Ontario Humanist Society


Enoch Turner Schoolhouse - time travelling on a Fall wedding

Another century!  The lovely flowergirls and the wonderful couple are in front of the door of Enoch Turner Schoolhouse.  Looks like a Royal Wedding!  (The girls dresses are actually from Amazon - at very reasonable cost - amazingnesss.)  But the bride made almost everything else - from the favours, to the wands, to the table crosswords and puzzles for everyone. It fit the schoolhouse perfectly.
This is a crowdsourced photo, with permission from the mom's to post it here.. thanks!


Special Wedding at Bar Mercurio - and a good cause

Here is a great couple from a wedding on the Bar Mercurio patio, at St George and Bloor.  The groom is a Doctor at UofT, but also works with Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) and they were working in Chad. The photographer was a field photographer with MSF, and the best man was also with MSF!   Doctors without Borders do such wonderful, brave work - a portion of this wedding fee was donated to MSF, and if you are looking for a deserving 'wedding charity', here's the link to share:
Medecins Without Borders (Canada) 

Bar Mercurio, Patio


Gladstone, Upper lounge - intimate location

Gladstone, Upper lounge
We usually hold weddings in the ballroom at the Gladstone (or, once, in the Tower Room suite for a family group) but lately we've had a few smaller weddings (15-40 people) in the upstairs lounge area.  Here is a nice little wedding in the upper lounge - just a small group of friend and family, and then a nice dinner downstairs.  And there's that fun elevator!  You can have some drinks set up at a portable bar, and then go downstairs for more food. 

We had another wedding here on the night of Nuit Blanche! It was very much fun, tho some art patrons wanted to see things as dusk fell.  Check the dates of Toronto events when you plan a wedding!


Faculty Club, University of Toronto

Faculty Club, Univ of Toronto
I like these pictures - sort of instagramy - it was a totally delightful family wedding - (with lots of kids!)  at the UofT faculty club.  The intrepid couple went to Easter Island for a honeymoon!
Very touching vows

Small little dinner party wedding at Le Select, and a few other smaller venues

So - a dozen people gathered at Le Select on a Tuesday for a small, intimate wedding.  The garden ('jardin') was available, and so we had the canapes, toasts and ceremony in the back, and then they had a dinner in one of the back side rooms.  It's possible to do this during the week, (weekends are often busier) and have a lovely smallish wedding. We were originally going to go over to the island, or somewhere by the water, but the weather has been pretty iffy, and in fact, this was the 34 degree day - so the shade of the canopy over the back jardin was great.  Wonderful evening.

next week - off to the Arts and Letters club, Fantasy Farm, a private wedding in Cabbagetown, Casa Loma in the conservatory, over to the Rectory cafe on Ward's, and another small family wedding upstairs at the Gladstone...  when TIFF is over, lets hope the TTC repairs are swift!

Tiff Elopement!

Here are two wonderful people, who came up north for TIFF, and got married at the Thompson Hotel, in a bit of calm time in the middle of the crazy (Brad Pitt's bodyguards at the pool, George Clooney sneaking in the hotel...).  But the real romance was here - C and B, together 13 years, had a wonderful, intimate Canadian wedding in the Big Smoke.  Lifted us up for whole day.... I don't usually put comments in these snippets, but they wrote to say they're home, and the wedding was 'perfect', and they felt they'd known us for years (my husband was a witness).  We felt the same - and wish them a lifetime of happiness, just like this.


summer patio at Le Select

great wedding at Le Select, and great photos (as usual!!!)  by A Brit and a Blonde

(remember this? last summer at the Pride parade? that's a Brit and a Blonde, too


Lovely morning elopement in the park

Dovercourt Park, quiet and magical at 7:30am - birds, flowers, a couple of kids and a dog or two - and an entirely lovely couple..

Great Photography by Jennifer Rowsom

Dovercourt Park elopement
Here's another great wedding that was shot by Jen ..
Black Creek Pioneer Village Wedding

Umbrellas in the rain - St James Gazebo

and sometimes it rains -  so make sure your whole group can fit under a roof!  (or have nice big umbrellas)
St James Park gazebo


Unusual wedding guest - and a summer getaway location

Guess the location! (oh well, it's pretty easy - we were on the Toronto island for a lovely wedding and this character is part of the children's theatre programme this summer.  He was just heading over the bridge on Centre Island and stopped for a snapshot)

I think it adds a bit of scale - and a 'royal wedding' effect, don't you?  It was one of those HOT days, so both guys in suits were pretty wilted by this time!  but grins all round... 


Rainy ideas .... the Loire restaurant on Harbord

So we were going to have a little morning wedding at UofT - but as the weather was threatening, the couple booked a brunch table at Loire, on Harbord.  They very kindly cleared a spot on the patio, and set up some chairs, and we had a delightful little wedding for 10 people, and then of course - there's the food to follow!  Spadina streetcar - easy!  For a smallish group, any restaurant with a space they can mark off for 1/2 hour is a great idea - and then nobody has to move to another spot to celebrate!


Wychwood Barns wedding - and catering by The Stop!

Wonderful summer wedding at Wychwood Barns, and the reception was catered by The Stop. It was a bright sunny day (the rain stopped!) and everyone was in a very happy mood. These great pictures are by Ryan Edwardson

Wychwood barns - waiting to begin
Wychwood barns - from the front
Wychwood barns - vows


Lovely private elopement at University of Toronto

In the midst of  'bigger' weddings, here is a lovely couple from New Zealand, and we had a super little wedding on a spring day, just on Philosopher's walk... it's the funny time between end of school and summer classes, and the weather was lovely, and the few passersby just smiled at us.  Note:  always take photos of small elopements, it's additional 'proof' of a non - traditional wedding.  We took pix of us signing the Marriage License sitting on the little stone amphitheatre behind the Faculty of Music.
 < ---

 .....and then the next week....---->

We used the little amphitheatre again -  for another little private wedding, just the couple and their families.  Music camp was out, so there were no kids rolling down the hill on their break (tho I think Sports Camp was running strong at Trinity!).   Passersby were very kindly, and it was pretty cheery all around.  I don't think the people sitting on the benches up the path even knew what was happening, tho' a few cyclists stopped to grin and wave.    The squirrels were also interested, I think....

Summer weddings -- restaurants, museums: Le Select, Bar Mercurio, Faculty Club, Enoch Turner

So - too many to mention, but maybe some pix later - We had some restaurant weddings - at

Le Select Jardin
Bar Mercurio

Sassafraz, in the upper room, the UofT Faculty ClubLe Select a few more times, in the lovely back 'jardin', both for supper and brunch. We had a family wedding at  Bar Mercurio - the one on St George/Bloor, in the side garden.  Then some Hart House weddings, and a few lovely backyard Annex weddings, then some museums: down to the  Gardiner museum , and then up to Spadina House
, where we had a surprise New Orleans marching band lead in the couple (fun! here they are below on the steps of Spadina House, playing the couple out) and then back down to Enoch Turner for a couple more lovely
spadina house

The Stop Community Food Centre caters weddings -- great news

Dinner Menu | The Stop Community Food Centre
The Stop catered the wedding last week at the Wychwood Barns - great food, and even a mini-poutine station set up outside the garden!

You can download this rather nice menu from The Stop, community food centre on Davenport. They DO cater weddings!  "All proceeds from our catering services and dining experiences support our transformative community programs"

"Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event or private dinner, our catering and event services take the guesswork and stress out of any event. Our chefs will work with you to develop a menu to suit every tastebud and budget, with high quality, exceptionally prepared, and locally-sourced food wherever possible."
  • The Stop Community Food Centre
    1884 Davenport Rd | Toronto, Ontario | 416.652.7867
    601 Christie Street, Barn #4 | Toronto, Ontario | 416.651.7867
    general@thestop.org | Registered Charity No. 11919 2763 RR0001

Spring weddings - out and about from Le Select to Hart House to Wychwood...

Hart House
Wychwood Barns

Le Select Jardin

 Back home! So busy! Some lovely home backyard weddings, now that Spring is here. And back to Hart House, Le Select, Allan Gardens, and Wychwood barns, and Enoch Turner, plus a few new restaurants for informal weddings. So many nice people, and fun to have children in a few of these weddings, too...  Coming up:  some elopements in spring spots, and a few more museums downtown, Metro Reference Library, and Arts and Letters club, Faculty Club - and some 'undisclosed' private locations :-)


Bar wedding locations: 7 Numbers, Danforth

Fun wedding at SevenNumbers on the Danforth.

Lots more pix of this wonderful couple by their great photographers, Julius and James (JuliusandJames.com)
Bar/restaurants can be fun, and you can always squeeze in a few more family - lighting and space are sometimes tight, so we sure to talk to us when you're planning things...