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Welcome to ElopeToronto.com! We conduct simple, meaningful, secular (non-religious, non-denominational) humanist marriage ceremonies in Toronto, legally equivalent to a 'civil ceremony' or 'justice of the peace' wedding, for couples looking for an alternative to a 'City Hall' wedding. We also provide simple legal weddings for those planning a destination wedding. Mary is licensed as a Marriage Officiant by the Registrar General of Ontario, and the Ontario Humanist Society


SKYPING a wedding ceremony

People have asked me more frequently about a SKYPED  wedding. We have been doing these for a couple of years - and were featured in a Toronto Star article about a SKYPED ceremony to Lebanon for a mom who couldn't come.
Last week, we had a wedding in Kengsington Market, and Skyped to Romania and the Netherlands, so both parents could watch the wedding.
Of course you cannot GET MARRIED by Skype.  You both have to be in the same room, with your officiant and your witnesses.  SKYPE is a way to share your ceremony with loved ones who are unable to attend.   However, you can broadcast your ceremony to friends and family who are not present - whether overseas, or unfortunately detained, or unable to travel.  You just set up a couple of laptops, ask your attendants to hold them, dial in BEFORE the ceremony and establish connection, and arrange yourselves so everyone can see. 


Urban wedding at South of Temperance on Adelaide

We had a nice cheerful wedding at South of Temperance on Yonge and Adelaide last night.  They cleared this raised area by the fireplace for the ceremony, and we had 60 people in chairs in the restaurant part. You could also go outside in better weather. The fireplace was lovely, and the staff was helpful and warm.  Lots of nice light through the overhead skylights.  Simple (generous) food from the semi-open kitchen, big bar. They popped the couples slide show on the overhead television monitors...


UK- Moonlight marriages get official blessing as night-time ban is lifted

Independent, UK
"I'm getting married in the morning, ding-dong the bells are going to chime...."

If you've ever thought about why all Brit weddings are around noontime - things are about to change (except for CofE):

"Couples who want to marry in the moonlight will soon get their wish granted, as the UK ban on night-time weddings is lifted. Historic legislation requiring that ceremonies are held during the day is to be scrapped as part of a drive to remove outdated laws.

Although the move is unlikely to a lead to Las Vegas-style wedding chapels operating 24 hours a day, ministers explained it was not the Government's place to dictate when couples should be allowed to marry. Church weddings originally had to take place between 8am and noon, but the hours were later extended to 3pm and 6pm. The same hours were adopted for civil ceremonies when they were introduced in 1837, although many registrars work for even shorter periods.

The rules for Church of England weddings are sent down in canon law and cannot be altered by the state. But the restrictions on civil ceremonies are to be swept away in the new Protection of Freedoms Bill. James Brokenshire, a Home Office minister, said the move on weddings had been inspired by comments from the public during a consultation on which laws should be abolished.." A spokeswoman for the Church of England said it had no plans to alter the hours during which wedding ceremonies were conducted.

of course in Toronto, it's not the moonlight, it's the temperature. We've done some moonlight weddings in winter, but my fingers we so cold it was hard to turn the pages...

Campbell House Wedding

We had a lovely afternoon family wedding today at Campbell House, Queen Street by Osgoode Hall. About 25 people sat in the parlour, and the couple came down the stairs together.  A lovely, intimate afternoon, and the guests were invited to enjoy the museum as well, and then everyone went off to celebrate.  A lovely Regency afternoon in the heart of the city.

Here is the brides room (ballroom) and the wonderful staircase, for entrances and pictures.

Here is a link to enquire about Campbell House rentals (and inhouse catering)

Valentine's Day Elopements - Monday, Monday...

Valentine's Day Surprise Wedding.

It seems people are superstitious about SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13, so engagements and dinners and weddings are mostly happening on Monday, February 14 this year. And Mondays are perfect for a very quiet elopement - even for brunch.

Restaurants are prepared for elopements (they have the champagne ready) but not always prepared for actual weddings. For a small elopement, you can still book a "Valentine's day romantic meal", and pre-order champagne, and ask for the 'quiet table in the corner' (probably crowded, on Valentines Day). If you can get the 'romantic corner', or even a private room or the back of the restaurant, then let the front of house know you're going to actually stand up in that corner for 10 minutes and get married. And THEN you'll drink the champagne and order dinner.

We suggest you don't START calling for a booking by talking about a 'wedding', or the venue will assume you want fuss and waiters and flash photos and flowers and chairs and all sorts of waiterly attention, on their busy night. But if you simply book a 'romantic dinner' and then your party essentially stands up for a few 'toasts', it's closer to an engagement, a birthday or a family celebration, which they can easily handle. But a good tip is still a good plan!