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Welcome to ElopeToronto.com! We conduct simple, meaningful, secular (non-religious, non-denominational) humanist marriage ceremonies in Toronto, legally equivalent to a 'civil ceremony' or 'justice of the peace' wedding, for couples looking for an alternative to a 'City Hall' wedding. We also provide simple legal weddings for those planning a destination wedding. Mary is licensed as a Marriage Officiant by the Registrar General of Ontario, and the Ontario Humanist Society


Where to get great gluten-free baked goods

From BlogTo: Bunner's Bake Shop in the Junction seems to be a good idea for wedding treats - not sure about their catering specs, just call them - but they do offer Gluten-Free treats, as well as vegan. And they seem to have expansion plans.

Winter Wedding Locations

Winter Elopements - some places are quite lovely in winter, that are full of people and tourists in the warmer weather.  I think this is the H20 Waterpark (I thought it was Sugar Beach) from the pix of the day in Torontoist..  But if you put on your snowboots and tramp down, what a great view for a little elopement.  And at least in this picture, no yellow snow :-)


Come Up To My Room - Gladstone Art Show

Come Up To My Room
 Want to see inside the Gladstone?
Every year, the Gladstone Hotel holds an event they call Come Up To My Room, where artists take over empty rooms on the building's second floor and redecorate them to suit their own particular sensibilities. Being there is kind of like attending a party at the home of a rich and crazy interior designer, and snooping through all his bedchambers. Eleven rooms—twelve, counting the downstairs ballroom—were transformed as part of this year's show (part of the Toronto International Design Festival). Admission is $10, and exhibit continues through Sunday Jan 30.

Teatree Cafe - new vegan cafe on the Danforth

Teatree Cafe - in my nabe.
Who knows, maybe they cater weddings? (small ones?)
They close at 6 - wonder if they'd hold a small wedding?
Must wander down and ask - and see if there are any cupcakes left..


CBC: Thoroughly Modern Marriage documentary

Thoroughly Modern Marriage
Thursday January 20, 2011 at 9 pm on CBC-TV
Repeating: Friday January 21, 2011 at 10 pm ET/PT on CBC News Network
We were contacted about this documentary on modern marriage - which includes a discussion of civil weddings, the trend to marrying later in life, common law marriage, same sex weddings, and all the other topics discussed on the radio this morning, including the decline in religious-type weddings. We noticed they did not, in the end, mention Humanist ceremonies, as an alternative to being married by a Justice of the Peace or at City Hall. However, it is clear that the trend toward a different type secular wedding and commitment ceremony is growing.
They did discuss the decision of couples who have decided to ask their friends and family to be present as they make "a public statement of their private commitment to each other" (a phrase from the beginning of a Humanist marriage ceremony). We were pleased that they also mentioned that couples are making this decision at many different phases of their relationship - some have been together for many years, and have homes and children, some have decided to have a party and celebrate their partnership by getting married, and some older couples have finally decided to celebrate and formalize their long-term union with a simple legal marriage ceremony.
It was nice to have a fairly realistic view of modern marriage - and a few statistics as well. Enjoy the stories of the couples, and write us with any questions.


Winter wedding in ANOTHER park

This is from my dear colleague Eileen, and the location is Bow Bridge, in Central Park, in Manhattan.  I used to do these winter weddings every year,  sometimes for Aussies or even brave Canadians (often from Montreal).This cold couple are eloping Brits, who hit the big snowstorm in NY last week (though this day was between the two snow dumps). They were red of nose and cold of toes, but what a great picture!


Winter elopement in High Park ~ and one in Leslieville

Most of the action was on the Ice Rink on Sunday, so the five of us walked into the Japanese garden, and stood on the bridge by the frozen waterfall.  Great shots from the bridge below by our photographer!  Our fingers got a bit frozen, but hearts were warm, and the chickadees came to comment on what we were doing.  After a short ceremony and some great pictures in the snow, we hiked back to the Grenadier cafe for hot chocolate and the signing of the Marriage License.   A memorable mid-day wedding to start the year.

and then - a wonderful wedding by the empty wading pool in a Leslieville Park.

 I did take my gloves off, and so did the couple, to exchange rings.  But we went inside to sign all the papers - I couldn't bend my fingers by then! I call this a red mitt wedding - where your nose matches your fingers! I think it would have been warmer with snow!

Lovely New Years Eve wedding in Cabbagetown

We had a romantic and moving wedding in a candle-lit tent (in the backyard), with family and friends cosily arranged inside, and everyone reading poetry and warm thoughts. One partner was Native, so we also had ritual drumming, smudging, and peaceful reflection to begin, and then ended with some wonderful winter squash soup to warm up!    A memorable and happy evening.