Welcome to ElopeToronto.com!

Welcome to ElopeToronto.com! We conduct simple, 'civil' (non-religious, non-denominational, secular) humanist weddings. The ceremonies are similar to those conducted by a 'Justice of the Peace", or at "city hall". Mary is licensed as a Marriage Officiant by the Registrar General of Ontario, and the Ontario Humanist Society


Summer and Fall weddings in Covid Times - Toronto and Stratford

 Here we are in July, and hope everyone is well and safely vaccinated.  I've got both doses, thank goodness.  I'm still staying at the cottage in Stratford, and am not coming into Toronto much at the moment, tho we've arranged a few small weddings.  Evidently Stratford is one of the few places issuing Marriage Licenses at the moment  (!??), so some couples are zipping out here to see our pretty city, and getting married in my backyard! I live 2 blocks from the VIA station, so that's also an easy option. Theoretically, the Stratford theatre festival will also open outside in July.  We'll see!

If you're planning a summer wedding in Toronto, let me know (contact Mary at the sidebar) and I'll try to help or refer you to colleagues in the GTA.  Let's look forward to Fall with hope and health.  Mary