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Welcome to ElopeToronto.com! We conduct simple, meaningful, secular (non-religious, non-denominational) humanist marriage ceremonies in Toronto, legally equivalent to a 'civil ceremony' or 'justice of the peace' wedding, for couples looking for an alternative to a 'City Hall' wedding. We also provide simple legal weddings for those planning a destination wedding. Mary is licensed as a Marriage Officiant by the Registrar General of Ontario, and the Ontario Humanist Society


NEW: 2 pieces of ID now required for Marriage License

From:  City of Toronto Marriage License Information:
Note: You may also download a marriage licence application from the Service Ontario website or pick one up in person at one of our four Registry Services offices. The application must be SIGNED BY BOTH INDIVIDUALS and submitted to us by at least one of the applicants with the supporting documents for both applications as noted below. The licence will be issued in about 20-30 minutes.

Effective April 16, 2012, the marriage identification requirements have changed from requiring one piece of identification to two pieces of identification. Please see all requirements listed below:
Two pieces of identification are required for each person. See listing of acceptable identification. All documents must be original; photocopies will not be accepted.
The legal name is the one registered at birth or the one changed legally through adoption, court order/Change of Name Certificate or marriage.
The identification accepted is:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Driver's licence
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • Canadian Government refugee travel document
  • Conditional release identification card
  • United States green card
  • Native status card
  • Record of immigration landing
  • Permanent Residency Card
  • Citizenship card from any country
  • Ontario photo card
Please note: It is important that you bring identification that states your name in full. The marriage licence will only state what is written on your identification.
Age requirements
Both partners must be 18 years of age or older. If you are 16 or 17 years of age, parental consent is required. Please contact the Registry Services Office at 416-392-7036 for further information. If you are under the age of 16 years you may not marry in the Province of Ontario.
If your identification is in a language other than English, a written translation of the document is required. It is your responsibility to have an interpreter to accompany you for translation purposes, if necessary.
The City of Toronto issues marriage licences to all eligible couples. Same-sex couples have been receiving licences since June 11, 2003, following the June 10, 2003 Ontario Court of Appeal decision making same-sex marriages legal in Ontario.

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